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What is the "Legal Entity Verification Document"?
What is the "Legal Entity Verification Document"?
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If you are seeing the message stating, "Legal entity verification document is required for transfers to bank account to remain active," the underwriters are asking for a government issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license) for the representative of the organization. They are asking for this to verify the individual entering the account information is the actual person. 

Upload a photo of your driver's license (or another government issued photo ID). The file will need to be an image (.JPG, .PNG, etc), and can be a photo copy, cell phone picture, or any other method of capturing the image. Here are a couple tips for getting the image:

  • Take the picture straight on (not at an angle) so that all of the text is clearly readable.

  • Make sure there is no light glare or blurring that obstructs any of the information.

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