Changing Customer Name & Email
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Did a customer purchase under the wrong name? Did they use the wrong email address when they purchased, or were they the victim of a typo? No problem! The customer's name and email can both be edited from within their transaction details.

Access the customer's transaction details from your transactions report by clicking on the individual transaction ID number, or quickly from your upcoming events view by clicking the "View Guest List" button, then the transaction ID number found in the customer's information; click "View Transaction" to jump into the customer's transaction details.

Once you're in the transaction details you will see the customer's name and email address at the top of the page. Click the edit icon next to their name and email to make changes. Type in the new first name, last name, and email. Then, click the checkmark icon to save the changes. Once that is done, the customer's information has been updated on the system!

If required, you can then re-send a copy of the receipt and tickets email to the new email address by clicking the "Send Customer Receipt" option.

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