What is the difference between ticket and service fees?

Under "Advanced Options" on your venue you will see 2 types of fees: ticket and service. The field for "Ticket Fee," allows you to fill in a dollar amount that you want to charge your customers for purchasing tickets online. Note that the Ticket Fee is additional money you will receive, not Passage. You do not have to include an amount, and we strongly suggest you do not add more than an additional 7.5% of the ticket price.

The Processing Fee and Service Fees are the fees that Passage receives from a sale. The processing fee is 2.75% and $0.30 per transaction, and the service fee is 2.5% and $0.50 per transaction. You have 2 options for the how to handle the processing and service fees. The default setting is to "Pass cost to consumer," which adds the fees to the cost of their ticket. Your other option is to "Incur cost," which you would select if you want to pay the fee instead of your customers.

Note: Ticket fees that you add on will also have the processing and service fees applied to them.

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