What is the average turnaround time that I can expect to see deposits made to my account from sales made on Passage?

U.S. accounts: Funds are batched up at midnight UTC/GMT, and will deposit to your bank account two business days after the purchase date.

Canadian accounts: Funds are batched up daily at midnight UTC/GMT, and will be deposit to your bank account within 7 business days of the purchase date.

Note: You can monitor your past and upcoming deposits in your deposits report. Access that by logging into your admin area, clicking the "Reports" tab and selecting "Deposits" from the list.  

Day 1: All transactions for the day are batched at midnight UTC.
Day 2: We submit ACH, Federal Reserve hold funds for 1 business day.
Day 3: You see the funds hit your account!

The most common schedule for seeing deposits is as follows: 

MONDAY deposits = sales from the previous THURSDAY
TUESDAY deposits = sales from the previous FRIDAY
WEDNESDAY deposits = sales from SATURDAY, SUNDAY, and MONDAY
THURSDAY deposits = sales from TUESDAY
FRIDAY deposits = sales from WEDNESDAY

The only things that can throw off this schedule are if your bank holds funds before allowing you access to them, or if there is a banking holiday (in which case the holiday would not count as a banking business day).

Here is a list of 2022 U.S. Federal Banking Holidays that may delay your deposit (if it was set to settle or deposit on one of these dates): 

  • Monday, January 3 - New Year’s Day

  • Monday, January 17 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • Monday, February 21 - President's Day

  • Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day

  • Monday, June 20 - Juneteenth

  • Monday, July 4 - Independence Day

  • Monday, September 5 - Labor Day

  • Monday, October 10 - Columbus Day

  • Friday, November 11 - Veterans Day

  • Thursday, November 25 - Thanksgiving

  • Monday, December 26 - Christmas

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