Can I give away comp tickets to my event?

Yes, you can! Comp tickets can be distributed from the Events page in your admin section [link:]. On that page, select "Comp Tickets" from the list of options in your event's drop down menu. Then, select the event date & time you are issuing tickets for and proceed to enter specifics of the customer's ticket(s): Ticket Type, Quantity, Alternate Name, and Recipient's Email. Use the Notes field for the responses to any custom field questions you have set up for customers at checkout, or additional information about why the comp ticket was issued.

** Comp tickets are not compatible with virtual queues or virtual access tickets, because those features require the user to have an account. If your event is using virtual queues or virtual access, distribute 100% promo codes for giveaways, contest winners, or other free tickets. The "Total Allowed Uses" setting can be used to limit the number of free tickets for each code. **

You can also issue comp tickets right from your Upcoming Events view. In the Actions column you will see a down arrow next to the "View Guest List" option. Clicking that arrow will open a list of additional options including "Comp Tickets". Simply click that option to jump right into the form to create a comp ticket for that timeslot.

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