To use a virtual queue open the "Select an Option" dropdown menu on your event and choose "Virtual Queues" from the list. Then, click on the name of your queue from the list to open it. This takes you to a page with two lists: "Waiting" and "Ready".

Customers are added to the Waiting queue when they are first checked in by scanning of their ticket, the guest list, or using self-check-in. The list goes from the oldest check-ins at the top to the newest at the bottom, and includes the customer names and the number of tickets they have for their group.

You can manually move customers from the Waiting queue to the Ready queue, or have the queue set to automatically keep a certain number of people in the Ready queue.

Waiting Queue options:

  1. Checkmark Icon: Click the checkmark to move the guest over to the Ready queue
  2. 'X' Icon: Click the 'X' to remove the guest from the waiting queue

Ready Queue options:

  1. Checkmark Icon: Click the checkmark when a Ready guest comes up to admit them into the event. Their name will disappear from the queue at this time
  2. 'X' Icon: Click the 'X' to move the guest that has not shown up back to the "Waiting" queue
  3. Bell Icon: Click the bell to resend the notification to a guest

If you are using the feature to automatically keep a set number of people in the Ready queue, you can override the automatic settings by still manually adding groups. For example, the Ready queue has 6 open spaces, but the next group up in the Waiting queue has 8 people: you may opt to move this group over by clicking their checkmark. If necessary, you can also choose to push over groups from further down the list.

Adding Guests to the Virtual Queue

Customer information is not collected for in person sales. So, when doing in person sales for a virtually queued event you will need to add the group into the queue. This feature also gives you the option to freely admit walkups (guests of honor, giveaway winners, etc) without ringing up a sale. The "Add to Queue" option is displayed at the bottom of the queue with fields for First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Group Size. Manually adding a customer will place them at the bottom of the Waiting queue with the group name and size displayed. The group's phone number will also be on file so they'll receive your queue's text notifications.

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