The widget builder provides an action button ("Buy Tickets," "See Available Times," etc) for you to place on your website. will You can customize the appearance of the button, and choose which page to direct the action to. The options include a venue page, all events page, individual event page, a list of timeslots / calendar, or one specific event time. Clicking the widget button will pop up the desired option on top of the current page, keeping your customers on your website while checking out. Get to the widget builder from the "Promote" tab in your admin area.

Steps to create a widget:

  • Step 1: Choose a widget type
    - Floating Button displays above the content, stays on screen when scrolling, and can be positioned in any corner of the page.
    - Inline Button will be added to a specific spot in your web page.
  • Step 2: Customize button appearance
    - Set the button background color, text color, border color (optional), and desired text to display on the button.
    - Set the button shape. Options include rectangle, rounded rectangle, or circle.
    - Set the button position (Floating Button only) to upper left, upper right, lower left, or lower right. 
  • Step 3: Copy the widget code and add it to your website
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